July 28, 2015

Navigating Dominican Republic's Archive Website ~ Archivo General de la Nacion - Part 5 - Revista Clio

The next post is truly a short one if you have been following my blog posts about Dominican Republic's National General Archive also known as the Archivo General de la Nacion (agn.gov.do).

In my prior post I spoke about the Archivo's Boletin and the Revista Clio functions in the same manner that the Boletins do. However the Revista Clio or Clio Magazine concentrates on history and there are no gaps in the publications from 1933 to 2010.  These are academic articles on the history of and the culture of the island. After clicking through all the years, I didn't see any missing volumes.

The volumes appear at the bottom in folders and simply click on the folder words to expand. Once you expand you should see the PDFs appears which you can download and read at your leisure offline. Just remember to use Google Translate or your choice of translator to go through the documents if you're not familiar with the language.