August 15, 2015

Anastacio Soiza Montanez

This record is on the death of Anastacio Soiza Montanez who passed at the age of 70 in Dos Bocas, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.

The cause of Anastacio's death was cardiac arrest.  He was already a widower due to his wife's death;  Juana Matos.  His death occurred on March 28th, 1944.  In 1944 the death certificates forms which mimicked those of mainland USA did not provide a field that supplied grandparent information.  His brother Ramon Soiza Montanez reported his death and he supplied the names of his parents which were Ramon Soiza and Gregoria Montanez.

Ramon Soiza's parents are Ignacio Soiza del Carmen and Casimira Ceferina Ortiz de la Cruz .  Ignacio was from Portugal and migrated to Puerto Rico which is where he married his wife.  I believe that my Portuguese DNA matches on 23andMe are attributed to him being my 5th Great Grandfather as these Portuguese matches appear as distant cousins.  He is the only Portuguese ancestor I've found in my direct line so far.

Casimira Ceferina died sometime prior to 1870 in Trujillo Alto as she isn't found on the 1870 Census for Trujillo Alto.  I had a hard time locating this couple's children as the priest registered some of the children in the baptism book for Pardos.  Always check all books because you never know why a priest would do this or mark this family as pardos.  I haven't dug further in Casimira Ceferina's background other than knowing that she came from Gurabo. I plan to eventually come back to researching my Puerto Rican ancestry once I'm done with Dominican Republic.

Anastacio's maternal grandparents were Estanislao Montanez Gonzalez and Maria Margarita Eduvije Flores Fontanez.  This line I also have great documentation but I also need to dig further until I reach the last ancestor on my Montanez and Gonzalez lines.

Anastacio had two children that I located so far.  They are Juan Soiza Matos and Justo Jesus Soiza Matos.