August 4, 2015

The Betancourt Mangual Children

First I want to address a question that has been asked by a few.  Why am I sharing my hard work? To answer this question well it starts with the horrible information that is floating on Ancestry. Ancestry even matched me to someone through our DNA simply because this person's tree has my great grandparents listed as their great grandparents and when I looked at their tree, my first response was "Who the heck is this child?" My great grandparents didn't have this child. So that is the main reason.

A second reason is that I recognize that not everyone speaks the language and have a hard time reading old Spanish writing. The third and last reason is because I like helping others find who they seek. No I won't necessarily hand you the answers because then I take the fun away from an individual. However if you're searching and come across my blog posts then obviously you were searching and that to me is actually attempting to find your ancestors.

Now in reference to the Betancourt Mangual children, in researching many records including finding information on a will, we can establish that Rafael Betancourt Falcon and Maria del Rosario Mangual Falcon married and had eleven children. I've located ten of the children and already suspect that I know who the eleventh one is but can't speak to this line until I can prove it so I will not be providing. If you are aware of who this individual is then please feel free to comment on my post below.

I have been able to establish that their oldest child's name is Juan.  I personally descend from their son Juan who is the executor to his father's estate since he is the eldest son in 1833. However in 1839 when his mother passes, his brothers are named the executors to the mother's will since Juan is deceased by then.  I've provided an image of the list of children from a prior blog post. Note that there are two sons who are twins; Jose Francisco and Juan Francisco.  In the below image I provide the wives of each Betancourt Mangual sibling.  Notice that the Asencio, Escribano, Aleman and Montanez lines along with other families marry into this family. I hope this provides you with enough information to assist you with your research. I'm hoping to find the missing 11th child mentioned in the will.

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