August 10, 2015

The Descendants of Francisco Delgado Manso in Puerto Rico

Although I know that Francisco Delgado Manso's father was the son of Francisco Delgado and Juana Manso de Espinosa, I purposely let them off the tree since based on PARES records, Francisco Delgado (the grandfather) was the first to come of this Delgado line to Puerto Rico in the 1500's.

If you visit PARES, you will come across documentation where he requests from the crown the permission to leave the island with his wife, children, and their household.  I'm sure that living on this island wasn't easy where all you have is palm trees, sea, humidity, heat, and violent weather.

All I can speculate is that either something tragic happened to him or his request was denied.  I say this since the family remained on the island or I would not be here sharing information about him and his family.  Since many of the records are gone in Puerto Rico for this era thanks to Sir Francis Drake and others, your best option is to search on the PARES website.

I could not locate documentation on who was Francisco Delgado Manso's mother which is why she isn't listed; only the father.  If you come across the record then please share so that we can all know who this mysterious woman was.  Below I provide 5 generations of this family.  I also provided where the records can be found.  All the church records are available at familysearch; either online or via microfilm at a local FHL.  Enjoy the document.  You can scroll through it below.

NOTE:  On the last page I shared something that I have on my tree that I didn't realize would become visible.  I'm still trying verify Casimira Flores Fontanes' connection to the Carmona line.  She did have a relationship with a Carmona where she had 2 daughters and not 3 daughters as many suspected over the years. The third daughter I found that she identified her father on her wedding record; making her the daughter of Casimira's "second spouse".  However her daughter Gregoria took on the name of Carmona.  I'm hoping that I will eventually come across the document that identifies who her father is and connecting the Carmona line.  The reason I gave him the name Pedro is because she names one of her son's Pedro which was new to both the Bayala line as well as her mother's line.  I suspect that that is the name or simply he was named after his Carmona grandfather/great grandfather.  Please do not add this name to your tree until it is confirmed. You can simply name him: Male Carmona.