August 21, 2015

The Rivas Families of Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic

In researching my grandmother's Rivas line, I went with what I did know about her.  She was born in La Vega, Dominican Republic in 1911.  Her mother's name is Mercedes and she came to the US with my uncles in 1948 and she died in San Francisco, California while caring for a sick friend in 1956.  My grandmother always spoke of her fondly and also spoke of her grandmother who died when she was just 11 years old.

She also advised that her mother was from Monte Cristi which is where I've been searching. Although I've come across a Mercedes Rivas in the records, I cannot say that it is definitely her as there were quite a few in the Registration books. I know that she had siblings by the names of Adela, Dorila (Nena), Maria, and Federico (Monono).  I also know that my grandmother had an aunt which I met as a child during my summer visit to the island in 1979.  She was very old and her name was Dorila Rivas.  I found her death record and according to the record she was 105 years old.  She was definitely way up there as she was much older than my grandmother who was 68 years old at the time.  Dorila eventually died in 1981 in La Vega and the death was reported by Enrique Bolivar Capellan. I recall feeling sad that she had past when my grandmother told me; Tia Dorila was a very sweet old woman who was blind and lost her limb due to her diabetes. I remember hugging her immediately after being introduced and didn't hold back from doing so and it was something she had remarked upon. Like I said, very sweet woman and easy to gravitate towards.

Since I had an idea when Tia Dorila died, I was able to locate Dorila's death record in La Vega but like Mercedes Rivas' record, parents' name were left blank. I had decided that the best approach was to go through the church books first, document all the Rivas children being born and baptized in Monte Cristi's San Fernando Parrish and look at the list to see if any of her siblings appear.  I will then take the same approach with the Civil Registration records as I'm determined to solve and confirm this family line.  It just may be that they are from the Monte Cristi province and not necessarily the town since there are Rivas in the entire area. Or possibly they were from La Vega but Mercedes' mother came from Monte Cristi. Below is the image to Dorila's death record; record to the left.

Dorila Rivas Death Record (Page on Left)

So far I have Books 2 and 3 completed with 4 halfway done.  However I have all of the children's names up until Book 5 and none of them look familiar.

You can easily click on the child's first name and it will lead you to the record it references in the table.

So Book 2 covers from 1889 to 1894, they are as follows:

First Name Last Name Father 1st Father Last Mother 1st Mother Last Page DOB Baptism Date
Ana Rosa Rivas Martin Rivas Antonia Castro 10 Aug 30, 1889 Jan 1, 1890
Jose Guadalupe Rivas Lorenza Rivas 25 Dec 12, 1889 Apr 15, 1890
Maximo Rivas Vicenta Rivas 38 May 16, 1890 Jun 16, 1890
Gregorio Rivas Manuel  Rivas Maria Mercedes Rivas 47 Feb 19, 1890 Jul 26, 1890
Tomasina Maria Rivas Modesto Rivas Tomasina Rodriguez 47 Jul 19, 1890 Jul 27, 1890
Manuel de Jesus Rivas Manuel Maria Rivas Fidelia Rivas 47 Jun 11, 1890 Jul 27, 1890
Ana Gregoria Rivas Antonio Rivas Bartolina Munoz 54 Jul 30, 1890 Aug 12, 1890
Rita Modesto Rivas Gregorio Rivas Guadalupe Rivas 89 Jul 15, 1890 Mar 21, 1891
Talenciano Rivas Marcos Rivas Silveria de la Cruz 110 May 24, 1891 Jun 21, 1891
Mercedes Rivas Lorenza Rivas 113 Dec 1, 1890 Jun 21, 1891
Celestino Rivas Emilia Rivas 140 Aug 16, 1891 Oct 3, 1891
Daniel Rivas Manuel Rivas Mercedes Belliard 171 Dec 31, 1891 Feb 14, 1892
Ana Rita Rivas Antonio Rivas Bartolina Munoz 175 Aug 10, 1891 Feb 27, 1892

And here is Book 3 baptisms that cover years 1894 to 1899:

First Name Last Name Father 1st Father Last Mother 1st Mother Last Page DOB Baptism Date
Natividad Rivas

Gabina Rivas 12 25 Dec 1893 20 Aug 1894
Julio Rivas Manuel de Jesus Rivas Mercedes Biliard 23 12 Apr 1894 21 Nov 1894
Francisca Rivas

Maria Rivas 51 9 Oct 1894 20 Mar 1895
Maria Elena Rivas Antonio Rivas Bartolina Munoz 58 5 Jan 1895 7 Apr 1895
Modesta Rivas Gregorio Rivas Guadalupe Rivas 69 21 Dec 1894 21 May 1895
Calista Rivas

Lorenza Rivas 80 4 Nov 1894 14 Jul 1895
Angusto Cesar Rivas

Eudosia Rivas 88 4 Jan 1895 9 Sept 1895
Felicia Maria Rivas Manuel Maria Rivas Fidelia Gonzales 96 20 Nov 1894 6 Oct 1895
Julio Enrique Rivas

Daniela Rivas 100 7 Jul 1895 1 Nov 1895
Isabel Rivas

Eusebia Rivas 148 18 Nov 1895 30 May 1896
Rosalia Rivas

Juana Francisca Rivas 186 20 Jul 1896 24 Dec 1896

Although I found a Mercedes on this list with Lorenza, I'm convinced that that isn't my great grandmother (bisabuela) and great great grandmother (tatarabuela).  I share these lists with others in search of their Rivas ancestors in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. My search continues...