December 11, 2015

Casimero Bayala Carmona and Ana Beatriz Aleman Betancourt

Below is the wedding record of two Canary Island descendants; Casimero and Ana Beatriz. Casimero was born on 15 of May in 1846 in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.  We know this thanks to his baptism record which can be found in Book 2A of baptism in the same church he married Ana Beatriz.

Ana Beatriz was actually older than her groom.  Ana Beatriz was born on the 29 of July in 1939 in Trujillo Bajo, Puerto Rico.

This couple had 4 children which were 2 daughters and 2 sons.  Their children were:
  • Justina Bayala Aleman (1876 - 1897)
  • Natalia Bayala Aleman (1877 - 1906)
  • Apolinario Bayala Aleman (1878 - 1908)
  • Trinidad Bayala Aleman  (1879 - 1879)
Unfortunately Casimero died after losing both his daughters in 1907, he passed on December 5th, 1907. His son Apolinario soon followed in 1908.  Ana Beatriz passed on April 16th in 1915. I found her living as a widow based on the 1910 US Census for Quebrada Negrito, Trujillo Alto.  She was living with another family and indicated that she only had 3 children and all were deceased.

A woman who had to see what no mother wanted to see; the death of all of her children and her husband as well. A tragic ending for this family. Based on this, I am sure that their youngest son Trinidad passed away as an infant since she did not count him when she gave the census taker the number of children. I am sure that I will find this infant in Trujillo Alto's church death book.

This family line survived due to their daughter Natalia having 3 children with one surviving; Hermania Bayala. Her daughter was also the daughter of Justo Fructoso Aleman Perez. Hermania would eventually marry Manuel Aleman Garcia and they would have 13 children together. Manuel is the son of Eleuterio Aleman Betancourt and Ceferina Garcia Hernandez.