January 4, 2016

1800's Census, Court Indictments, Foreigners and Military Records

As you go through the available Census records for Puerto Rico, as a community reminder, FamilySearch makes these records available via volunteers.  Please assist them with indexing their records to make them all easily searchable.  Just 30 minutes a day will help many of those who struggle to find records; including you.

Please note that this is not all that is available for the region, but it is a beginning of more being made available.

Below are records for the following municipalities. 

Requisitorio judicial, caja 66 1891-1898 (Court indictments - Image 1440 through 1883)

Censo Caja A 1845-1860 (Images 2217 through 2588)

Padron de vecinos, Libros 1-3 1897 (Image 856 through 2500)
Domicilio de extranjeros, caja 51 1816-1891 -- Copiadores de oficio, caja 74A 1828-1856 (Images 4 through 1130)
Padron de habitantes, caja 239 1901  (Images 2629 through 2809)

The following is found in Ponce BUT the first image reads "Llegada a esta villa de tropa marina destinada a Juana Diaz" which means Marine Troops that arrived to this town with a destination to Juana Diaz"

Censo de mozos, caja 110 1860-1880 (Image 2418 through 2626)