January 4, 2016

1800's Census, Court Indictments, Foreigners and Military Records

As you go through the available Census records for Puerto Rico, as a community reminder, FamilySearch makes these records available via volunteers.  Please assist them with indexing their records to make them all easily searchable.  Just 30 minutes a day will help many of those who struggle to find records; including you.

Please note that this is not all that is available for the region, but it is a beginning of more being made available.

Below are records for the following municipalities. 

Requisitorio judicial, caja 66 1891-1898 (Court indictments - Image 1440 through 1883)

Censo Caja A 1845-1860 (Images 2217 through 2588)

Padron de vecinos, Libros 1-3 1897 (Image 856 through 2500)
Domicilio de extranjeros, caja 51 1816-1891 -- Copiadores de oficio, caja 74A 1828-1856 (Images 4 through 1130)
Padron de habitantes, caja 239 1901  (Images 2629 through 2809)

The following is found in Ponce BUT the first image reads "Llegada a esta villa de tropa marina destinada a Juana Diaz" which means Marine Troops that arrived to this town with a destination to Juana Diaz"

Censo de mozos, caja 110 1860-1880 (Image 2418 through 2626)


  1. hello. what great resources you have provided. The Ponce links aren't working, it comes up with image not available. where can I find them?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Many of us have opened tickets with the website's helpdesk. There seems to be a problem with their server access. The problem has existed for close to 2 weeks. I do not know when they will be available again. You may have to visit a local Family History Center to view the records. You can find the location nearest you by going back to the website and looking for their location via the menu.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope it helps you with your research! :)


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