January 4, 2016

Caguas Puerto Rico 1800's Digitized Census and Other Records Available Online

When I originally posted about the Puerto Rico Census records for the 1800's availability from FamilySearch, they were reporting as not being available online but only by film.  After sending them a trouble ticket over the weekend asking for a status, I was told that some were already available for access.  I am going to break out what is available with the direct link to the first image.  Not all records are available for all regions. I plan to post for each region.

Caguas  - Voting Registers

Cedulas electorales caja 55 1881
Censo electoral caja 56 1886

Caguas - Miscellaneous Census Records

Censo de poblacion caja 58-60 1884-1885, 1887-1888  (Images 1604 through 2122)