January 4, 2016

Caguas Puerto Rico 1800's Digitized Census and Other Records Available Online

When I originally posted about the Puerto Rico Census records for the 1800's availability from FamilySearch, they were reporting as not being available online but only by film.  After sending them a trouble ticket over the weekend asking for a status, I was told that some were already available for access.  I am going to break out what is available with the direct link to the first image.  Not all records are available for all regions. I plan to post for each region.

Caguas  - Voting Registers

Cedulas electorales caja 55 1881
Censo electoral caja 56 1886

Caguas - Miscellaneous Census Records

Censo de poblacion caja 58-60 1884-1885, 1887-1888  (Images 1604 through 2122)


  1. How were you able to access these records? I've scoured the FamilySearch website for several towns i'm interested in and didn't see records like this available online. Appreciate any information. Thanks!

  2. Hi Louis,

    The records above is part of me researching through their catalog. Which towns are you looking for? Did you look at my other post for Census records in the 1800's for Puerto Rico? Go to the top of this page and click on Puerto Rico, look at the post about Census records for the 1800's. It will have all the towns available, whether only on film, or online. I always provide the link, just click on the wording and it should lead you there. I hope that answers your question. :)

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  4. Hi, Anna
    I am interested in many towns, in particular Juncos, Humacao, Naranjito, Corozal and Barranquitas. I've been actively researching my genealogy since 2008 and have found many records on FamilySearch and Ancestry. I'm also a FamilySearch indexer in my spare time, concentrating fully on Puerto Rico records. I've been waiting for church records for these towns since way back then so hopefully FamilySearch does finally release those records in July!. Thanks.

    1. I thought I had responded before but I will be posting something for you today. I too have ancestors in the towns you mentioned. Some have no available records. I actually feel sorry for those who are on the west coast of the island since Familysearch was not permitted to film those church books. I'm also hearing that the churches are now not permitting people to even view those books. However Familysearch is working on digitizing the records but not at the pace we are all wishing. ;)


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