March 21, 2016

The Cabreja Family in Dominican Republic

I purchased Roots Magic 7 as an alternative to FamilyTree Maker as I had heard great things about the software. Here are some of the things I like:
  • Easily import my trees from FamilyTree Maker. 
  • Run many reports and are much easier to generate
  • Save reports in many different formats
  • Connects to FamilySearch for research
  • Soon it will connect to Ancestry and allow syncing to trees

I ran a report on a Cabreja family tree I built and loaded onto Ancestry; it has 130 people on the tree.  However not everyone can afford the pricing on their website thereby making the public tree I have there costing many. The tree contains people I pulled from the San Fernando de Monte Cristi church books and hope that it is useful in your research.  The majority of the people come from Monte Cristi but there are some that are from Santiago and Moca.  I hope to do this with other trees I currently have in my collection.

Give the report time to load as it will take a little while, especially if you have a slower connection.