June 8, 2016

An Amusing Discovery - Jean-Jacques Philippe Guerrier and Juan Antonio Alvarez Cartagena

So as usual, I'm always coming across some really interesting facts about my ancestry and things that occurred in the past.  First I was very surprised to discover that my Dominican Cartagena line was very political and involved in the revolution and independence of the country.  I came across a surprising article about my 2nd great grandfather, Felipe Alvarez Cartagena Hinojosa being in exile and living in Veracruz, Mexico because he was considered an enemy of the then President, Ulises Heureaux.  He remained in exile until he was advised that Heureaux had been assassinated in 1899.  Below I provide you with images of both men. 

Ulises Heureaux
Felipe Alvarez Cartagena Hinojosa

However this isn't where the story ends and I suspect it will go further back as I continue to research.   Look at the two men below.  Well my children descend from both of them.  Each one of these men are their great grandfathers and here is where it gets quite interesting.  You see, I wanted to know more about my own 2nd great grandfather, Felipe Alvarez Cartagena Hinojosa.  In doing so I come to find out that he is the son of a famous general that was instrumental in the Independence of Dominican Republic from Haiti; Juan Antonio Alvarez Cartagena.  There is a street named after him in Santo Domingo. In addition, the other man, is no other than the sitting President of Haiti during the same era, Jean-Jacques Philippe Guerrier.  I'm sure that these two men potentially fought their own causes against each other and probably hated one another.  I wonder if they are both having fits from the grave in discovering that they have two great grandchildren that they share.  Like did we ruin their plans? I'm actually quite amused by uncovering that my children have two famous great grandfathers who probably couldn't stand one another.  Now how is that for uncovering skeletons in the closet?! Oh boy!!

Jean-Jacques Philippe Guerrier
Juan Antonio Alvarez Cartagena