June 13, 2016

Diego Fontanes Zamora and Juana Delgado de Castro

Diego Fontanes Zamora lived on the island of Puerto Rico in the 1600's and more than likely in the city of San Juan.  While I have not been able to locate his birth record, I was able to locate his wedding record, estimated his age, and used this information to locate his parent's marriage record.  It is the best way of locating any record on your ancestors.

I tend to estimate people's ages between 18 and 30 years of age on my tree when I don't know their age.  Since our ancestors didn't live as long as we do today, I'd expect them to be married very young, have children young and have many of them since birth control didn't exist, nor did TV, radio, or any other form of entertainment at night other than a bar or brothel.

Diego Fontanes married Juana Delgado de Castro on April 20th, 1664 in the Nuestra SeƱora de la Caridad Catedral in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  According to the marriage record, both were from San Juan.  As we know from my prior blog post, Diego's parents are Juan Rodriguez de Fontanes Garcia and Isabel Lopez de Zamora Malave.  Juana Delgado de Castro's parents are Captain Francisco Delgado and Francisca de Castro; more on them on another post. However yes, Francisco Delgado comes from the Delgado Manso family that is well known in Puerto Rico and the family goes back further on the island's history; just look at prior blog posts.

Diego Fontanes Zamora & Juana Delgado de Castro marriage record.
The location of this record is also found in Book 1 of marriages for the church on folio 281v (vuelto) which means the back of page 281.  There is more information on Juana Delgado de Castro's mother but that will also be on it's own post.

Book 1 of marriages for this church runs from 1653 to 1725. This means that this book has many marriage records for parents, their children and grandchildren.  Just be prepared to use Google Translate if you don't read, speak, or write in Spanish since it is all in Spanish.

Diego and Juana had 4 children that I'm aware of and have located records.  There may be more but these are the four that I have found.  I descend from their son Diego, yes another Diego.  I was able to locate their son's birth and marriage record so I have a lot more data on him.  He is also the 2nd eldest of their children.  The children are as follows:

  • Antonio Fontanes Delgado (born: 11 MAR 1695, San Juan death: 15 DEC 1775, Bayamon)
  • Diego Fontanes Delgado  (born: 15 JUN 1698, Caguas death: unknown)
  • Benedicto Fontanes Delgado (born: 13 JUN 1700, San Juan, death: unknown)
  • Geronima Fontanes Delgado (born: 04 MAR 1706, San Juan, death: unknown)

On all four children I located all baptism records online so they shouldn't be so hard to find.  I didn't provide baptism dates due to lack of space, however you should be able to locate the records with the birth dates. Just remember that baptism occurs after the birth when searching. If you're aware of any other siblings, feel free to share.  Hope this information will help you either with validating ancestors on your tree or providing the ability of adding them on.  If they are your ancestors then I've just added another cousin to my growing family.  Feel free to click on the image to blow it up and download.

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