July 17, 2016

Indexing Project for Dominican Republic Underway - Assistance Needed

Currently there are two projects for Dominican Republic that Family Search is looking for volunteers to transcribe records for their free index. www.Familysearch.org provides free access to digitized records for the entire globe is looking for assistance wint transcribing records written in Spanish.

To ensure that records are indexed correctly and accurately, they need our help in helping those searching for ancestors by simply using the search window versus going through images page by page.  Think of the time saved in researching our ancestors and having them indexed properly since we fully understand the language.  You can spend just 30 minutes per day indexing but the reward at the end is even more.

The two projects are:


Make this a possibility for many including yourself. When you click on the above link, it will lead you to the project.  Please note that they are also looking for arbitrators to volunteer. You will find all information on the website.