July 9, 2016

Interesting DNA Results from AncestryDNA

Logically you want to say that you are 50% from your mother and 50% from your father.  The reality is that it isn't exactly 50% from each parent.

I am of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent and first generation born in the US mainland while my husband is Haitian born.  I had my husband and two children tested and the results finally came in this week with my son's ethnicity finally coming in today.  The results are making an individual eat crow and I do mean eat crow for many reasons.  I'm actually enjoying the creme pie in the face. LOL

For one, both my kids inherited more of my DNA as far as centimorgans (cMs) with my son having the most. He also has more of my cousins on his list than my daughter which I was surprised and not expecting.

One of the proven points with my husband was breakdown of ethnicity. Knowing what I have learned in my research of the island of Hispaniola, I knew that our DNA could not be so far off and different when it came to African ethnicity breakdown.  However my husband insisted that he was 100% from Cameroon.  I have yet to know how he could have known that but DNA doesn't lie.

So here are our results. I labelled each so you can see each breakdown. His DNA truly proved him wrong; I'm grinning and enjoyed that discussion.

My Results
My Husband's Results

As you can see he inherited a combination of 32% Nigeria, 21% Benin/Togo as his two highest regions from his parents.  I inherited 14% Benin/Togo and traces from other African regions.  The results for our two children are quite interesting.

Below are both of our children. 

Daughter's Results
Son's Results

So looking at my daughter, you can see that she inherited more Benin/Togo DNA with 28% whereas my son is only 12% Benin/Togo.  The huge difference is that my son has 20% Nigeria whereas my daughter only inherited 3% Nigeria.  So yes the results can be drastically different.

I can tell you that I only show 3% Ivory Coast/Ghana but my maternal uncle who is my mother's full brother has a large amount of Ivory Coast DNA.  As a matter of fact it was his biggest African contribution.  This is why it is helpful to test as many family members as possible.  In researching your Ancestry and ancestors, you need as much help as possible.  I know that due to recombination and randomness of inheritance of DNA from your parent, you will lose matches to cousins.  Keep this in mind while you research your ancestry.

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