July 24, 2016

Miguel Bayala Flores - Marriage Contract in Trujillo Alto

On a trip to Puerto Rico, a cousin of mine paid a visit to Puerto Rico’s Archives and brought back a really nice surprise. I cannot thank him enough for what he did. What he brought was a copy of a marriage contract of an ancestor. Although I do not directly descend from Miguel Bayala Flores, I do descend from his father, Miguel Bayala Gero.

Miguel Bayala Flores is my 4 great grand uncle and the marriage contract was for his first wife, Maria Encarnacion Colon Diaz. Miguel Bayala Flores is the fourth child between his parents, Miguel Bayala Gero and Gregoria Flores Fontanes. He was born sometime around 1826 in Trujillo Alto. How do I know this? The only thing I have to go by is the 1860, 1870 and 1872 Census for Trujillo Alto which you can obtain via microfilm from familysearch.org.

This makes Miguel 23 years of age. The church books for this time period that documented baptisms for Europeans or Whites are missing and are believe to be destroyed due to a fire in the church. The only book that managed to survive is a portion of Book 1 for enslaved Africans or African descent, free Africans or African descent, and Pardo which means of mixed race but not necessarily of African descent; it includes descendants of indigenous people.

The contract was drawn up on the 21st of September 1849. Based on what I’m reading it states that Encarnacion is an adult of 14 years of age. She is the daughter of Francisco Colon and Leonarda Diaz. The contract states that they are to be married by the 17th of March 1851. Their marriage actually occurred in August 1850 and their wedding record is found in book 1 of marriages for Trujillo Alto.  This book was not filmed by familysearch.org.

Maria Encarnacion does have a child named Pedro who is conceived sometime immediately after her marriage to Miguel. Pedro is listed as being 10 years of age on the 1860 Census living his paternal grandmother, Gregoria. Unfortunately Encarnacion must have passed after giving birth as there are no records of her beyond this period and Pedro was her only son. The contract goes into further details which I will leave for you to review.

Miguel goes on to remarry on the 13th of November in 1862 to Juana Rodriguez Figueroa.  He was obviously in a relationship with Juana prior to their marriage as they have a daughter, Juana Regina, who was born on the 4th of May in 1857 in Trujillo Alto based on her baptism on 24th of July of 1857.

Miguel Bayala Flores and Juana Rodriguez Figueroa Wedding Records

Miguel and Juana will have an additional 5 children name Trinidad (female), Nemecio, Jose Pio, Luisa and Juan. Miguel’s son Pedro can be found on many of the municipal records in Trujillo Alto as he was witness to many of the registered records up until his death in 1915. His signature can be seen on many of these documents.  The marriage record comes from familysearuch.org.  I’ve met so many cousins that descend from Miguel Bayala and hope this assists them in their research.