October 9, 2016

Maria de la Encarnacion Soiza Ortiz in Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico

Maria de la Encarnacion Soiza Ortiz is my 4th great grand aunt and the youngest of her siblings. She was born on April 28, 1835 in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico where she was baptized on May 10, 1835 at the Parroquia Exaltacion de la Santa Cruz in Trujillo Alto, Trujillo Alto in Puerto Rico. Her baptism was registered in the book reserved for slaves, freed blacks and pardos (mulattos); Book 3, Folio 86v (back of page 86). She was listed in this book due to her mother, Casimira Cerafina Ortiz de la Cruz, who had been listed as parda in many records for this family but clearly listing her husband, Ignacio Soiza del Carmen as white who had migrated to Puerto Rico from Portugal; Ignacio and Casimira Cerafina are my 5th great grandparents and they start the Soiza line in Trujillo Alto.

On August 7, 1854, at the age of 19, Maria de la Encarnacion married Pedro Matos Perez in the same church she was baptized; Book 3 of Marriages, Folio 30v (back of page 30). Pedro is the son of Pedro Matos de la Cruz and Baltasara Perez and is the 4th oldest child.  His parents would have 10 children; 8 boys and 2 girls. However his father also had two prior wives; Juana Romana ( 1 son/3 daughters) and Juaquina Fragoso (1 son).

Maria de la Encarnacion and Pedro would have 7 children together from 1855 to 1866; 5 girls and 2 boys. The family would remain living as a family in Trujillo Alto until August 11, 1892 which is when Pedro Matos Perez dies. Maria de la Encarnacion Soiza passes nearly 16 years later on February 19, 1908 at the age of 72 based on the Trujillo Alto’s Death Civil records; Book 7, Folio 322v, Number 24. I have cousins that descend from this line and hope that this information helps them.

The children for this couple are:

  • Maria Cecilia (1855) 
  • Tiburcia (1858) 
  • Maria Fernanda (1861) 
  • Valentin (1863) 
  • Tomasa (1864) 
  • Carlina (1865) 
  • Juan (1866)

Death Record for Maria de la Encarnacion Soiza Ortiz