December 18, 2016

Francisco Caba from Tavera

This post has been in the making since July of this year.  I figured I'd finish it tonight and post it. It goes with many of my half written posts still sitting in draft.  I wanted to at least release this one.

One of the challenges in researching my maternal Rivas and Cabreja lines is the lack of records, lack of documentation, and my ancestors' delay of registering family members. Dominican Republic alone adds war, hurricanes, and a change of the layout of not only the region but the country. The town of Hincha is a perfect example.  This town was once part of La Vega in El Cibao but today it part of Haiti and yes I have ancestors from this town.

The biggest hurdle is the difference of how records are done in this country versus Puerto Rico.  In Dominican Republic, a child's birth, marriage, and even death are registered with the parent's singular last name, no grandparents names, no where the parents are from, just nothing. Trying to determine if you're looking at the right record with so many common names makes it hard. So the best option was having my DNA done.  While it answered many questions and opened doors, it also led to many more questions.

So this leads me to to Francisco Caba, a famous figure in Dominican Republic's independence and also one of my great grandfathers but can't figure the connection yet.  Based on DNA, I know that I am related to the lines Bido, Rodriguez, and Caba lines.  The connection looks to be coming from my Manuel Maria Rivas, my second great grandfather.  However based on records and documented family trees, it leads to a major head scratch since I did locate a Manuel Maria Rivas but he's married to someone else.  I do know that my great grandmother had many other siblings but don't know if this is the same line. 

So for those of you who do know exactly you're related to Francisco Caba from Tavera, The following translation from the Dominican History Dictionary is for you.

Francisco Caba, from Tavera, a community in La Vega (Dominican Republic). In the dawn of the Republic was Commander in the Sierra, jurisdiction of Santiago. As soon as Ramon Mella arrived to San Jose de las Matas to organize reinforcements for the defense of the square of Santiago de los Caballeros, on which the Haitian Army marched over the month of March of 1844, reclaim the Prosperity of Commander Caba, with the Major contingent of troops possible. Reunited already, finished the Battle of the 30 of March, reason why, not having time to take part in it, was emphasized Caba, in union of also Commander Bartolo Mejia, as Chief of Operation, towards Guayubin and Talanquera, with the order to harass the invader, withdrawn in defeat. Reached on those points on April 1, it was shattered. With the failure of Santiago, he had lost his will, and in his retreat he was full of panic. After that opportunity, Caba returned to the quiet of his secluded place, waiting for another call of the country, which was the following year, with the occasion of the Battle of Beler. He assisted in commanding the troops of Las Matas organized by Bartolo Mejia. He died in 1848 in San Jose de las Matas.  

I'm providing the image for the above translation since my Spanish isn't as strong since it is a second language for me.  I hope that those of you who connect to this man can add him to your tree.   

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