January 5, 2017

1611 - 1808 Panama Census Records

Familysearch has uploaded digital images for census records that cover from 1611 to 1808.  The images for the earlier time period look to be written in Latin.  However that shouldn't stop you from being able to determine what the records state with Google Translate.

Most importantly not all images are in Latin but in Spanish.  If you can read Spanish then half the battle is done and you shouldn't have too much of a hard time determining what the Latin says either.  I didn't zoom into the images but it looks like Latin.

There are 3 items on the film and only item one pertains to Panama and the other two belonging to Colombia.  The records come from Colombia's National Archives and there are 3,142 total images on the film. I counted 963 images for Item 1 alone.  Anything beyond image 963 is for Columbia so skip over those unless you want to search their Census records too.

Click on the following link and it will lead you to the images, best wishes on your research!

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  1. If you go to images 9 and 10 in the collection, you'll see a table of contents for the Panama census records. However, I wasn't sure how to correlate the pages with the images.
    I have a lot information about other 1700's censuses in Panama.

    Anna, could you contact me directly so we can have a private chat regarding other Panama resources and the best way to share with the group. If anyone else is interested in Panama, please send me an email at ada3600@gmail.com. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ada,

      Sorry I took so long to respond. I'm currently working and going to school full time so I haven't been doing much. I will have to jot down your information and follow up to contact you. I will not be done with school until the end of this year and classes for the summer semester begin tomorrow. However I will keep your information. Thank you so much!


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