January 6, 2017

Finding Your Ancestry in Antigua and Barbuda

I am hoping to be able to cover a few more countries before classes begin for me on Monday as I am attending classes full time as well as working full time.  I will be going on silent mode for the most part since my schedule is busy.  So I wanted to cover Antigua and Barbuda as I have an half aunt who has many relatives in this region of the Caribbean.

Although there are limited digitized records for Antigua and Barbuda available, there are may microfilms available that you can request to view locally via a Family History Center (FHC).  I know that using Familysearch can be daunting for many as it was for me when I first came across it.  I share this information to make it easier for others. It will be amazing to see how many more people I will connect with.

So here is the thing about Antigua and Barbuda.  If you initially search on these islands, you'll think that there are no civil records for the island or very limited options. Playing around in the catalog will surprise you.  I tend to like using "Keywords" when I feel that the search results is too small when using the catalog.  So here is what I found.

Registers of slaves in Antigua, 1817-1833 (There are 4 films, scroll down and review)

For the following list of links, scroll down on each to see the film number you'll need.  If you get the same film number for many items, it is just one film.  The item number just lets you know where on the film you'll find the type of records.  Capture that information so that when the film arrives at the local FHC, you'll know where to fast forward on the film. Ask for assistance as they will help you at the location.

Civil Registration Records:

A catalog list of what is available, beyond the above, can be found as follows:  Antigua and Barbuda 

This book is available online, click on the link and you'll see the sub-links on the page. It is always good to read history so that you'll know where to search next. It has always worked for me.

Familysearch has the book but not for borrowing at a local location. I have used the WorldCat in the past and have ordered books and picked them up from my local library.  I recommend that if you live in the USA, just enter your zip code to view where you can look at this book. It is even available for purchase at Barnes & Nobles and Better World Books.  I will post about WorldCat as a separate post but the link is below for now.

Best of luck in your search!

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