June 16, 2017

Naguabo Puerto Rico Digitized Church Records

Although Naguabo was founded in 1821, the church records establish that Naguabo has been there prior to 1821.  The baptism and church records go back as far as 1798.  The Parrish was once called Nuestra Señora del Rosario y Glorioso Mártir San Juan Nepomuceno.  Please note that the book numbers are not chronological. I do not know what the priest was thinking about with numbers everywhere, the important thing is the records. The breakdown are as follows for the church.

Libros de Bautismos (Baptism Books)


Libros de Matrimonios (Marriage Books)


Libros de Confirmaciones (Confirmation Books)


Libros de Defunciones (Death Books)

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  1. Anna B. Praise the Lord and many thanks for your Blog. It is always a great honor and pleasure to encounter people like you in the Internet that are willing to share with other the information that hey have at hand and to point them in the right direction. I see that we share the same 'apellido-Delgado'. My Delgado Garaboto family came to P.R. from Sam Miguel de Abona, Tenerife. Is your Delgado Family originally from Hato Grande - Caguas? If so, I connect with them thru my maternal family Marquez Martinez from Las Piedras. Thank you so much for all the information you have provided us.

    1. Hi yes one of my Delgado lines is from Caguas. However, hopefully you're not thinking that your Delgado line is from Canary Islands due to Sebastian Delgado as that has been proven to be false and made up. The truth is that the Delgado line came from Ejica, Spain. A Francisco Delgado came from there. There are many records that price this via PARES. Also the Man so line came from another line. A few of us starting questioning the book written by Oscar Bunker as it didn't add up since many of the records he reference are nowhere to be found. Most importantly, generations were being skipped. This led to many doing their own investigations and finding the truth. I connect to Delgado via my Flores and Bayala lines. My other Delgado line is of African descent.

    2. Sorry phone edited my response,it should say..many records that prove this via PARES.

  2. Mis mas sincero agradecimiento.
    Espero puedas entender el español estoy convencido que si, para poder examinar estos libros y encontrar tus ancestros. Un millon de gracias por haber puesto estos enlaces en linea por muchos años esperavamos por ellos y gracias a usted. Estoy disponible en lo que le pueda ayudar desde P.R. Mi nombre es Roberto Rivera soy y vivo en Juncos, por 17 años soy aficionado a la genealogia y he exainado muchos de estos libros. Si lo desea me puede escribir a mi correo robert17972004@yahoo.com

    1. Hola Roberto,

      Si entiendo bien. Es mi placer de ayudar en su investigaciones. Los de Juncos están pero no tenido tiempo para hacer los también.



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