July 16, 2017

Adjuntas Digitized Church Records 1812 - 1952

The municipality of Adjuntas is north of Yauco and was established 1815.  The municipality exists off a mountainside.  The area is known for its cooler temperatures and was once part of the Coamo.  The church for this municipality when it was established is San Joaquin.  Most of the Baptism books have Indexes either in the front or the back of the books. The baptism records are complete. I was surprised to not see books for freed blacks or those in slavery.  The digitized church records are as follows:

Book of Baptisms from 1815 thru 1921

Books of Marriages 1815 - 1921

Books of Confirmations 1829 - 1923

Book of Deaths

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  1. Anna, thank you sooo much for your hard work in putting these records in chronological order. This will help my search for my Torres ancestors. I've been waiting for years for these records to be online and finally I can search them more efficiently because of your hard work. Thank you again! Looking forward to Ponce records. :)

    1. You're most welcome and hope you can successfully trace your Torres line.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your hard work, this has certainly answered some questions for me. I found my ancestors in the index of baptisms but I cannot find the actual baptism record. Can you help me figure out what the numbers next to the index listing mean and what they relate to so that I can find the actual record?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Nyree,

      To explain indexes. Most indexes with a number next to a person name represents the folio or page number. Some names may have a “v” next to it like 17v. The “v” stands for vuelto, which means the back of the page. So in my example, 17v, it means that when you see page 17, turn the page to 18 and look at the back of 17.

      So looking at the above post for Adjuntas books, let’s say you found a relative in the Index 1889 – 1898 and in year 1889. That means your ancestor is in book 1889 – 1890, which is Book 19. Notice I provide an image number of where the book starts, Image 1057.

      Now let’s continue with it says 17v. All you do is knowing this information is add 18 (17 +1) to the Image number (1057 + 18 = 1075). After clicking on the link, move forward by entering in the box 1075 and hit enter. You should see the box right above the image screen to the left. Then determine by looking to the right of the image if you are on page 18 of the book. Sometimes you may need to move forward a few pages or backward a few pages. I hope the explanation provides you with better understanding. :)


    2. Hi Nyree,

      I meant to come back last night. Just in case you didn't see it. I provided an easy walk through post last night. Hope it helps. :)


    3. So I am trying your explanation and I am still not finding the record. I am in the Baptisms Index 1867-1881 (Image 462. I found my ancestor on image 502 and the folio number referred to is 54. This would correspond to 1868. So I then went to the baptisms books first looking at 1868. I did not find it. Then I went to all the baptism books for all the years and added 54, still could not find it. What am I doing wrong?? :)

    4. Nyree,

      You are looking in the wrong book, that is why. If you go to Image 498, you'll notice that it is referring to Book 7 and book 7 start in 1869. That is why you can't find your ancestor. Your ancestor can be found on Folio 54 as the index says. Below is the link to it....



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