July 23, 2017

Caguas Digitized Church Records 1730 - 1968

While Caguas in Puerto Rico records start in 1730, there are many records that have been lost prior to this year. It is quite unfortunate as many questions remain unanswered regarding those that live in this region prior to this year. We can only get a glimpse of those ancestors via the death books.

This post consists of 17 sets of films that have been digitized with well over 35,000 images.  Keep in mind that the volume of records is large. I provide the image numbers to the starting point of each book so you can jump back if needed. Note that their catalog may list a book as death when they are actually baptisms records. In addition, I found errors in the years provided.  I have made the corrections when listing them below.

Most importantly, one of the habits of a priest is forgetting to document your ancestor in the correct books.  It pays to review prior volumes and future volumes.  There are people who are enslaved listed in many of these books. An important thing to keep in mind.  When it came to deaths, everyone was listed in the same books.  There was no separation.  These books hold a lot of ancestry information, do not skip over them. If you do not know the language, Spanish, or have difficulty reading it. There are two resources I recommend. One is using Google Translate and the other is joining a group in Facebook called Genealogy Translations. Please follow the rules in the group to get assistance.

Index Books

The following books are all contained in one book.  The book contains slaves, freed blacks, brown/mixed and whites that were baptized, married, or died in this region. I have broken the book down into three books for easier navigation.  I also placed them in the order they appear so you can bounce around the images.  So for example, baptism records go from 1309 through and including 1653.  Knowing this helps you move around within this book.

Baptisms Books

Marriages Books

Confirmation Books

Death Books

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  1. Dear Anna: I am so glad you will continue to share your findings, and hard work with the rest of us who depend on it so much. I can not properly express how grateful I felt when I first came upon your blog. From time to time I come back hoping there is information about Lares. You are very kind and generous :) God Bless!!


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