January 20, 2018

Finding Passengers in the US Virgin Islands 1906 to 1947

I always enjoy speaking to people about Caribbean culture, it's history, and the information I come across along the way just speaking to people.  Once such event was speaking to an individual who was giving me a ride back to my place after returning a rental after coming back from a business trip.

As we were talking, he mentioned he was from the Caribbean island of Nevis.  The nerdy genealogist in me immediately sprang into action.  So I asked him about one name, Horsford.  As soon as I mentioned the last name, he said yes, that name is well known on the island. I wasn't surprised as I've traced this line and knew that Horsford existed on the island.  Before I could say anything, he states, another popular name because the family also has businesses on the island;  the Skerritt line.

My mouth hung open as both the Horsford and Skerritt families connect on my family tree. So I knew he wasn't saying things just to appease me. During the drive to my home, I was happy to get another person interested in our Caribbean and African history. We went into deep discussions on history and how different we view things in the Caribbean and how differently history is taught in the Caribbean versus the United States. It was truly an interesting ride. 

He started discussing the other family names known on the island. I also advised him how these same family lines can be found on other islands such as Antigua, Montserrat, Anguilla, Dominican Republic, and of course, St. Thomas and St. Croix.

So in looking at the searchable database that Familysearch just made available for the US Virgin Islands, sure enough I found Horsford and Skerritt in the database.  The database is of Passenger Lists arriving in the US Virgin Islands.

As promised, I will continue to update the blog and my first post goes to those who have ancestors that may have traveled to the US Virgin Islands from 1906 to 1947.  Once you search a name, you should see the index information to the right and next to it a camera.

If you do not have a User ID and password for the website, you will need to create one before you can use the link below or any of the other links I have provided on this website. This is a new requirement from FamilySearch

US Virgin Islands Passenger Arrivals 1906 - 1947 records

Best of luck in finding your ancestors on the islands!

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