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Below are links to assist you with Barbados ancestry research.Some posts are related to Puerto Rico and/or Dominican Republic, however these blog posts are considered relevant to your ancestry research which is why I added the links here.

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  1. My "brick wall" is at Hamlet Mayers LYNCH,, that is the year of birth calculated when I subtract his age in his Will from his year of death.

    I can find ZERO B.B.C.M.D. records for this person, although I know his partner was Minifred (NOT Winifred, and also documented as Menifred), with and without the last name Lynch. All of their children bore the surname Lynch, although the father's name is never listed.

    No birth record, H or M.
    No baptism record for H.
    No christening record, H or M.
    No marriage record, H or M.
    No death record (1852), H or M (I do have a will).
    No burial record, H or M.

    Minifred was baptised the same day as she baptised their first son Peter in 1804. They had seven children together.

    There is a note that HML was buried "in the chapel at St. Stephen's", but I can find no rceord, plaque or marker - or grave - at that church in Barbados. About four years ago I enquired of the Deacon there who promised someone would search the records, but nobody has ever communicated with me from there since.

    My question is, WHERE did all the records disappear to? And has anyone else ever seen this name while doing research?

    Thanks in advance...

    Jim Lynch


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