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This page is dedicated to all the genealogist and genetic genealogist blogs that share their findings to make it easier for those entering the environment or wanting to learn more.  This page will be consistently updated to assist all that visit this blog.  I hope that by sharing it will help those new to the environment.  Any questions on these blogs should be posted to the Facebook group called The African Descendant's Genetic Genealogy.  Here you will find links to blogs that will assist you in your research.  The below blogs and websites are all related to genealogy.

Some will be on genetic genealogy, ancestors from certain regions, or even on particular families.  I have provide previews so that you can easily select the blog you want to review.

Latino Genealogy & Beyond

Mabrika! Join me, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco as I research ancestors and discuss genealogy research with a Caribbean focus. Also on this site are several blog projects, linked by place and family, so feel free to explore!

Roots & Recombinant DNA

Sometimes a grain of salt can turn out to be a granule of sugar. When a lot of you receive yourAncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate results, you instantly take the percentages you see displayed at face value.

Sambumbia - Dominican-Caribbean Genetics and Genealogy

For those of you who have watched genetic/genealogy TV shows like Finding your Roots by Henry Louis Gates JR, or perhaps NatGEO documentaries on the "Roots" of people you may be thinking that we have one ancestral homeland, this is not the case for pretty much anybody in the Caribbean or the Americas for that matter.


Lessons are constantly being revised as the genetic genealogy world changes rapidly. Feel free to email me with additions, corrections broken links etc. Clicking on the arrow next to the Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy (in the side bar) will reveal all available lessons. Reclicking will hide them from view.

Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches

Musings on My Tri-racial Black and Puerto Rican Ancestry.

Cultura Campesina Del Noreste Dominicano

En estos tiempos con el ADN se puede analizar varios pedazos de nuestro pasado que muchas veces sufrieron perdida por causa del tiempo, la ignorancia o la esclavitud. Usando servicios de ADN como 23andme o Ancestry y Gedmatch.

Fourth Generation Inclusive

The subject of this sketch, Franklin Kesler Bird, was born December 1, 1856, at Rutherfordton, N. C. He was the only child of his father, William Bird, who died when young Franklin was two years of age. He and his mother, Mary Martha, lived with his grandfather, the "Blacksmith," Wylie Morris, until 1867, when his mother was married to Cain Gross.

Scuffalong: Genealogy.

Education, Newspaper Articles, North Carolina, Paternal Kin, Photographs C.H. Darden High School, graduation, Henderson, Wilson NC Sixty-five years later ... Wilson Daily Times, 29 May 1952. When I was home earlier this month, my dad and I did a count. About one-third of his graduating class of 75 has lived to see this anniversary.

Tracing African Roots

This blog post features the AncestryDNA results of 8 persons from 7 different countries. In particular i will list the (most likely) African DNA matches i was able to find for each profile.

Into the LIGHT

Genealogy blog about NC ancestors - Yarborough, Hawkins, Green, Hill, Bryant, Davenport, Davis, Ross, Brown

Roots Revealed

I get many requests for assistance with individuals' personal genealogical research projects. I love genealogy research as a longtime hobby, but I also have a full-time career. Therefore, I am simply unable to provide personal research assistance to individuals.

My TX/LA Roots

Joseph Byers, Jr. (Nov. 24, 1775 - July 14, 1844) is the son of James Byers (1742-1807) and Margaret Smith Byers (1754-1806) Joseph Byers, Jr., was named after his paternal Uncle Joseph Byers, Sr (1748-1829). Joseph married Martha Locke on June 10, 1816, in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Our Ancestors Revealed - A journey of ancestry recovery and kinship discovery

So who, really, is that man that you call your father? Perhaps he may be a great person with whom you have a wonderful relationship. Maybe he has created fond memories with you and the rest of your family, or not! He may have a great family pedigree on paper, but who is he from a genetic genealogy perspective?


This story jumped up at me from the coffee table where it probably has sat since 2003 or so. It was started about 2 years into my research on our family history. Clearly I was still touched by post-modern toasty anthropological brain damage, although I had escaped the university.

Finding Eliza

On my first trip to the local Family Search Center several weeks ago, the microfilm machine broke as the second roll of film was being loaded. I was afraid the ancient machine would never be fixed so that I could continue my research.

Mao en el Corazon

Por Sergio Reyes II Enlace a la Segunda parte Hace muchos años, en una época remota perdida en la nebulosa de los tiempos, más allá de los dominios de la historia y rayando los linderos de investigaciones propias de arqueólogos y de razonamientos y análisis que atañen a los dominios